Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nevada Schools In The Crapper

From the LVRJ: It’s no secret Nevada schools are doing poorly, “remaining at the bottom of all those lists,” but that’s not the entire picture, said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dale Erquiaga on Wednesday.
The truth is even worse than the statistics would have you believe, he added.
Student scores on state proficiency tests for 2013 show elementary schools average more than 70 percent of fourth-graders reading at grade level. About the same percentage test as proficient in math.
However, the National Assessment of Educational Progress tells a much bleaker story, reporting that only a third of Nevada fourth-graders are adequate in math. Only 27 percent of state fourth-graders are reading as they should, according to the annual exams commonly called the Nation’s Report Card.
The nationally administered test — also given in eighth grade — is a truer indicator of whether students are on track for college and career, said Erquiaga, in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s editorial Board....
However, many students take college placement tests but end up not pursuing a degree. If they are factored in, about 50 percent of in-state college freshmen are placed in remedial courses, according to Dan Klaich, chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education.
Let's see why the Clark County School District sucks:
1.  The kids only go to school for only 5 !/2 hours a day.
2.  Right now, there are about 600 teacher positions open, meaning a lot of students will not have a regular teacher in their classroom this year.
3. There will be about 2000 new teachers this school year and probably more and it is very difficult to be a first year teacher, especially in the inner city schools where a lot of these teachers will end up.
4. Many of these teachers will be laid off when the number of students go down and CCSD loses money.
5. Many of the teachers are rejects from other school districts and several of them will be arrested for sexual abuse of a student.
6.  Many administrators are not qualified to be a principal or assistant principal and sometimes they get the job by sleeping with their future bosses.
7.  In the inner city schools, athletics are more important then education.
8.  Many parents really don't care about their kid's education, especially the casino workers.  There is at least 1 casino in Las Vegas that has a 24 hour day care, where many kids sleep at the daycare, in the casino and then go to school in the morning.  They rarely see their parent(s).
When you add these things together, along with other factors like a bad or no curriculum for the kids, you end up with a failing school district.

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