Thursday, August 14, 2014

Boo And Hiss To Golden Corral

I like to praise companies that provide good customer service and products and I will also write about companies that have done me wrong.
Today, I write about a company that done me wrong.
On Monday, the family and I went to the Golden Corral buffet in Kingman, AZ for dinner.  We paid our bill of $71 plus tip and went to get our food.
As I approached the meat loaf station, in one of the front stations, there were 2 large puddles of water. 
My right leg went sliding while my other leg stayed put.  For an old guy, I did a pretty mean splits.  Of course, in the process, my muscles in my groin, back and arms did some nasty muscle pulling.
One lady, maybe the manager came up and apologized and then cleaned up the spill.  And that was it.
On Tuesday, I filed a complaint with Golden Corral's corporate office and I still have not heard back from them.
At least at the store, they apologized.
Golden Corral corporate...Nothing.
You suck, Golden Corral management.

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