Thursday, August 28, 2014

Voter fraud? What Voter fraud?

From the Baltimore Sun: The State Board of Elections has alerted the Office of the State Prosecutor to a report that 164 people voted in both Maryland and Virginia in the November 2012 presidential election, in violation of the law.
Election officials confirmed Thursday that the referral included 17 cases in which the Fairfax County, Va., elections board investigated the report by outside advocacy groups and said they found that ballots had been cast in that county and in Maryland in the same voters' names. Fairfax officials have referred that finding to four federal and Virginia criminal investigation agencies.
A spokesman for the District of Columbia elections board said his agency is working with the Maryland state prosecutor to look into an unspecified number of cases in which voters might have cast votes in both Washington and Maryland.Authorities in Maryland an Virginia are acting on information generated by two conservative advocacy groups, Election Integrity Maryland and the Virginia Voters Alliance. With the Virginia group taking the lead, the groups used a computer program to comb the voter rolls in both states. They say they have identified about 44,000 people registered in both states, and 164 who cast ballots in both in 2012.
"We are concerned that these voters are going to be able to continue to do this until they are prosecuted," said Cathy Kelleher, president of the Maryland group.
A spokesman for Maryland's state prosecutor said he could neither confirm nor deny that an investigation had been launched.
Nikki Baines Charlson, deputy administrator of the state elections board, said the agency is letting Virginia authorities take the lead in looking into the reports of double-voting. When the board received the list of 164 possible double voters from the advocates, she said, it forwarded them to the state prosecutor. She said the board will assist investigators by helping them obtain any documents they need.
Charlson said the elections board often receives reports of double voting that do not check out. Often what appears to be an attempt by a voter to cast two ballots turns out to be an error by an election judge.
But some of the findings in Fairfax County may be difficult to explain.
Brian Schoeneman, secretary of the Fairfax County board, said the agency looked at all 17 cases brought to it by the Virginia Voters Alliance and worked with elections officials in Montgomery County to check them against Maryland voting records.
He said the board matched up names, dates of birth and the last four digits of Social Security numbers and found matches indicating double votes in each case.
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Sadly, these illegal voters took away the votes of legitimate voters, disenfranchising the legitimate voters.
Just another reason for voter ID and other ways to restrict illegal voters.
I would rather find ways to stop illegal voting, even if that means a legitimate voter may not be allowed to vote because they refused to follow the rules of voting.  These who vote illegally are taking away legitimate voters rights and that is wrong.

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