Saturday, August 2, 2014

Well, They Said IKEA Had Bare Bone Prices

Someone took IKEA's bare bones pricing to the extreme.
From the LVRJ: A woman was shocked when she lifted a tarp in the basement of a south Sweden church, only to find Ikea bags full of human skeletal remains.
Kicki Karlén of Kläckeberga, Sweden said she counted up to 80 people who were once buried under the floorboards of the church. The remains were stored in large Ikea shopping bags.
The woman told a local media outlet that she became furious after finding out that the bodies had been stored there since 2009, when some of the church was remodeled.
A local archaeologist said he was on a team of people called in to deal with the remains five years ago, before construction was set to begin. The team was meant to document the skeletons, some of which he said may have been over 500 years old.
500 years old?  Well, people have said they would wait forever for IKEA to come to their city.

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