Thursday, August 28, 2014

California Democrats Stupidity

From the Sacramento Bee: An effort to help workers recover back wages by allowing them to slap liens on their employers’ property failed Thursday in the California Senate when numerous Democrats withheld their votes.
The failure of Assembly Bill 2416 demonstrated the power of the California Chamber of Commerce, which had labeled the measure a “job killer.” Employers argued the bill would have launched costly and unfair legal battles. Labor unions who backed the bill said it would solve a current problem, where filing claims for stolen wages can take more than a year, giving employers the chance to close shop.
“AB 2416 provides workers who are victims of wage theft with an avenue to claim the wages they are rightfully owed,” said Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, as he presented the bill by Assemblyman Mark Stone on the Senate floor.
As Lara spoke, workers from the SEIU union watched from the gallery above. The bill failed when it received only 13 yes votes, leaving the measure eight votes short of passage. It is eligible for reconsideration on Friday. Instead going to court, employees could just slap a lien on their employer's home.What could go wrong?Like a disgruntled worker harassing an employer.Keeping the courts out and just taking the employee's word for it.Using the liens against the employer in a wage dispute/labor dispute.More stupidity from California Democrats. 

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