Sunday, August 24, 2014

May I Recommend...

Grand Canyon West
Today, the family took a drive from Kingman, up Route 66, the famous highway, to Seligman and we stopped at a very good restaurant, The Diamond Creek Restaurant.
The restaurant is located at the Hualapai Lodge, which is located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation.  It is pretty much right in between Kingman and Seligman and I-40.
My wife and I had Indian tacos and they tasted great, especially if you like fried bread.  The kids had sandwiches, they liked those very much.  The service was great and food came out quickly and it was hot.
We all got desserts, and they were huge, especially the chocolate cake.  You can get diabetes just by looking at it.
They also have a contest to see if you can eat a 6 pound Indian taco. So far, no one has finished the taco in the required 60 minutes, but the taco probably could feed a small impoverished country for a day.
So, if you are traveling Route 66 in Arizona, stop there are you won't be disappointed.
The web site for the restaurant and lodge (where they offer different rafting and Grand Canyon tours) is:
(This is not an advertisement- I don't do advertising.  Just an unpaid recommendation)

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