Saturday, August 23, 2014

And You Are Still Against The Death Penalty???

From the Chicago Tribune:  A much-feared gang leader who federal prosecutors allege murdered an off-duty Chicago police detective and his female companion in 2008 shot the pair for no other reason than to show how coldblooded he could be, an underling told police days after the slayings.
Terrance Scott told police that Traveling Vice Lord lieutenant Jason "J-Rock" Austin had been staking out the home of a gang rival whom he intended to kill when he noticed an SUV parked nearby that he decided to rob, according to a video recording of the interview played Friday in federal court.
Austin walked up with a drawn revolver and told Robert Soto, 49, an off-duty detective, to turn over any cash or valuables he had, Scott told police. Soto may have fumbled with his wallet before Austin opened fire on the off-duty officer and Kathryn Romberg, 45, in the early morning of Aug. 13, 2008, as they sat in Soto's SUV on West Franklin Boulevard.
Scott said there was no reason for Austin to shoot the two.
"I think he was just trying to show off," Scott said. "I think that's why he shot him."
If there was ever a death penalty case, this would be it, but not according to Eric Holder and President Obama, who apparently found something redeeming about this thug as they are only going for life and looks like a possibility of parole.

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