Friday, August 29, 2014

Good For Them

From the Las Vegas Sun: Southern Utah University President Scott Wyatt acknowledged he was under pressure from a group of conservatives to remove Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's name from a center on campus, but he insisted politics had nothing to do with his decision to do so.
Wyatt said he told the group to stop raising money and that he would not accept it to remove Reid's name from the center.
Instead, he decided to strike Reid's name because it created confusion about the center's purpose because "nobody" associated the senator with the outdoors, Wyatt said. The center rents outdoor equipment to students, offers internship programs for students seeking outdoor careers and coordinates project-based learning activities for students.
Wyatt also said the school's 2011 naming of the center in Reid's honor generated no donations to it from the senator's friends as had been hoped. Reid graduated from the university in 1959.
Actually, Reid does have an industrial park in Las Vegas's west side, near Flamingo and the I-215..
Like Reid's brain, there is nothing in the park, except a large a large space with some junk in it, kind of like this:

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