Saturday, August 23, 2014

She Didn't Think They Would Notice?

A candidate for stupid criminal of the week:  Merced woman was arrested for allegedly trying to enter a maternity ward on two occasions while carrying a lifelike baby doll, police said.
Tonya Whiteny, 42, was booked on suspicion of trespassing after trying to enter the newborn baby unit of Mercy Medical Center Merced, first on Saturday then again on Monday, with an unidentified male companion.
Whiteny and the man were treating the doll as if it was a real child, cooing at it, changing its diapers and posing for pictures holding it, according to a report from KSFN-TV in Fresno.
She told police that she was trying to sell the doll to the hospital as a training tool, but police were skeptical of that explanation.
“It almost sounds reasonable,” Merced police Capt. Tom Trinidad told The Chronicle. “But if you’re trying to sell something, you go the business office. Any businessperson would know that the nurses in the maternity ward aren’t responsible for purchasing.”
Instead, police are looking into the possibility that Whiteny may have been trying to enter the ward to abduct a newborn and replace it with the doll, Trinidad said.
I'm pretty sure the nurses in the maternity ward know the real babies from the fake.
Just not the brightest criminals around.

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