Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why Are There So Many Fires At Fire Stations?

If you read the web site, Firehouse, just about every month, there is a story about a firehouse burning down or is severely damaged.
Shouldn't the local fire station be the least likely place to have a fire?
From Firehouse: Leaders of the island's fire department are weighing their options after their main station was leveled in a devastating fire at the Commercial Block Building.
Fire Chief Robert C. Markert said that since the department leased space from the Thousand Island Park Corp., which owned the building, the staff is evaluating its next move.
"That's going to be the big decision over the next few weeks," he said.
Since the fire early Thursday morning, the department has been flooded with offers to lend equipment, though it has turned down many of them due to a lack of storage space.
"We don't need any more equipment," Mr. Markert said. "We need a place to put it."
The department has enough equipment at its station on County Route 100A to remain in service in a limited capacity.
In a note released Friday afternoon, Jefferson County Emergency Services Director Joseph D. Plummer called the outpouring of support for the department "the true meaning of Brotherhood!"
At least $800,000 in equipment, including a new brush truck, ambulance, fireboat, pumper and tanker, was destroyed, along with a wide range of equipment that was inside the station at the time of the fire.
And this
An early Friday morning fire at Friendship Hose Company gutted the station's kitchen and bar, but spared firefighting equipment, including turnout gear and the station's rescue and squad vehicles.
Sunbury Fire Chief Ken Kipple said the fire is not considered suspicious, and the origin has been narrowed down to the kitchen on the first floor of the three-story station. The second floor, where the kitchen and bar was once located, sustained heavy fire and smoke damage. A two-story addition that houses the company's apparatus and a workout area sustained smoke damage.

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