Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Tale Of 2 World Leaders (Or At Least 1 World Leader And 1 Idiot)

From Breitbart: U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron cut his summer vacation short on Wednesday, returning to London after the release of a shocking ISIS video showing the apparent beheading of American journalist James Foley.In a statement on Wednesday, Cameron's office described the video of Foley’s execution as “shocking and depraved." The United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond addressed the possibility that the ISIS terrorist featured in the beheading video could be a British national.
"We're absolutely aware that there are significant numbers of British nationals involved in terrible crimes, probably in the commission of atrocities, making jihad with IS and other extremists organizations," Hammond told the BBC.
And President Obama:
He gives a little talk and then goes golfing.
Details of the mission were revealed after President Obama spoke about the execution of James Foley and promised new strikes on Isis. In a stark contrast to the somber mood of his speech, the President then returned to his vacation and the golf course where he was pictured laughing and smiling with friends. Read more:
Vacation continues: Directly after the Foley press conference, Obama went to play a round of gold with businessman Glenn Hutchins (center) and Cyrus Walker (right), the cousin of White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett
We have 1 world leader who understands the serious problems of the world and then you have Obama who couldn't care less about the world problems, he just wants to go golfing.
Perhaps we trade Obama for another world leader, but we would probably get nothing for him.

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