Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hillary The Horrible

Nothing like using a tragedy to further your political career.
From the New York Daily News:
The devastated wife of the veteran gun instructor who was accidentally gunned down by a machine-gun-toting 9-year-old during a firearms lesson gone terribly wrong remained grief-stricken Thursday as she and her children struggled to comprehend the bizarre tragedy.
Charles Vacca was fatally shot in the head Monday after an automatic Uzi machine gun recoiled in the arms of the 9-year-old girl he was instructing, spraying bullets everywhere - and throwing his young family into emotional disarray.
"It's really difficult," his wife told The News Thursday. "The kids are taking it hard."
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But Hillary "The Bitch" Clinton has decided to open up her $300,000 mouth;
Lawmakers had remained relatively quiet about the incident - no laws were broken because Arizona firearms laws allow minors to hold guns if they are on private property, or if they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians - but on Thursday one prominent potential presidential contender weighed in.
"(It's) just the height of irresponsibility," Hillary Clinton said at a San Francisco technology conference about the fact that a child had been allowed to fire such a potent weapon, CNN reported. "...To say nothing of the choice of letting your child do that."

Who the hell is Clinton to decide for the parents what is responsible or not.  Some kids have been raised with guns and guns come 2nd nature to them.  Clinton then substitutes her judgment with the instructor and the kids parents.
Was it a horrible accident, of course.
Was it irresponsible for the instructor and parent to allow the child to fire the weapon?  I don't know because I don't the kid and her knowledge of guns and I am not going to 2nd guess the instructor because he is an expert in weapons.
It's a horrible accident, but Clinton, with her $300,000 mouth has decided to pile on the kid's family and the instructor before the body is even buried.
What a bitch.

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