Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another Reason Why People Hate Government

From jsonline: The former head of the Milwaukee FBI office twice scolded subordinates for talking to investigators, and in one case urged an agent to commit perjury, a Department of Justice report finds.
Staff from the Office of the Inspector General concluded that former Milwaukee Special Agent in Charge Teresa Carlson most likely lied to them when they questioned her. They also found she may have broken federal law by telling an agent to lie under oath.
The Justice Department declined to prosecute Carlson, and the FBI refuses to say if she has been disciplined. She remains in a high-ranking job, as acting deputy assistant director of the Facilities and Logistics Services Division — a position she assumed after being removed as head of the Milwaukee office last summer, an FBI spokesman said Thursday.
Inspector General Michael Horowitz's office found Carlson "conducted herself unprofessionally and exhibited extremely poor judgment" when she coached Special Agent Mark Crider on how to testify in the case of Justin Slaby, a wounded war veteran trying to become an FBI agent.
According to Crider, Carlson told him to "come down" on the FBI's side in the case. Carlson denied she told Crider how to testify, but the inspector general staff concluded that Carlson's version of events was not credible.
Carlson invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination last year after she was subpoenaed to explain the conversation. Likewise, she refused to speak to inspector general staff until she was forced to do so.
Many people have gone to jail for lying to the Feds.  Ask Martha Stewart.
And this coppette lied, had other people lie, refused to talk investigators and if you and I did that, we would be sitting in federal prison.
Instead, this corrupt cop is rewarded with a high paying position in the FBI.

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