Monday, August 25, 2014

We Finally Did It, We Ate At The Huge Caeser's Buffet

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Since it opened, my wife and I always wanted to eat at the Bacchanal at Caeser's Palace in Las Vegas.
It is regarded as the best and highest priced in Las Vegas.  We went there tonight as a 5th anniversary present to us and it was a well deserved after a day of going to the doctors all day long.
With tax, the buffet costs a little more than $55 per person.  for 2 of us, the bill was $110.241.  Luckily, they knocked off the $.001.  If you use the Caeser's player's card, you get a whole dollar off.
So, who was it and was it worth $55 a person.
We got there at 5:30 and there was no line, meaning no waiting.  At about 6:30, a line started, with about 40 people in line.  If you eat on the strip, if you don't want to wait, go before about 6:30 because after that, all the conferences and conventions end and the tours to places like the Grand canyon come back.
The service at Bacchanel was excellent.  Here is a tip for those eating at buffets- don't add the tip to the bill or pre-pay the tip.  You get better service if the staff have to earn the tip instead of knowing one is coming.
As far as the food, there were some very good items, like the Waygu sliders.
There were some bad food items, like some of the Chinese food because the meat had a lot of fat on it.
The shrimp were extra large and you can get large crab legs, cold or steamed.  I like the crab legs whole but they cut them in half and it was difficult to pull the meat out.
The carving station had lamb, turkey, prime rib, ham and sausage.  The lamb and ribs were pretty good and the prime rib was ok, tender but a little fatty.
This is also the first time I have been to a buffet that did not have a salad bar.
The dessert section was quite good, but not much different than other high end buffets in Vegas.
They had numerous other items, but since I only had so much room in my stomach, I could only try so much.
Was the food good.  Yes.
Was it worth $55?
I have been to the Wynn, Bellagio and the M buffets in town and all are cheaper than Caesers.
They also have a comparable buffet.  They all have a good carving station, sides and different ethnic stations.
Maybe the Bacchanel has larger shrimp and crab legs but that's about it.
So, I think the Wynn has the best Buffet overall.
The M has the best buffet for the money.
Caesers has the service.
The Bellagio is very good but not great.
Now, time to go to sleep and sleep off the full tummy.

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