Sunday, August 24, 2014

Las Vegas Got Screwed In Little League World Series

Today, after a wonderful run and experience, Mountain Ridge was beaten in the Little League World series.
From the Las Vegas Sun: 
Mountain Ridge Little won’t be remembered for what happened today: They lost at the Little League World Series to Chicago, 7-5, in the U.S. championship game.
Rather, the team of ballplayers ages 12-13 will be remembered for its accomplishments. They, after all, were the first from Nevada to advance to the World Series in Williamsport, Pa., in more than 70 years of its existence.
This team was loaded.
Entering today’s game they had a 16-0 record in four tournaments this summer and had outscored opponents 184-29. They had the tournament’s best player in slugger Austin Kryszczuk, who hit a ball so hard during one game at Williamsport the ball dented the outfield wall.
Here is what sucks for Las Vegas.
The tournament is a double elimination tournament, meaning if a team loses, they go to the losers bracket and work their way up and if they lose again, they go home.
Except in the U.S. and World title games.
Mountain creamed Chicago so bad last week, they only played 5 innings out of 7 because Las Vegas was beating them so bad they had to invoke the mercy rule.
But Chicago worked their way through the losers bracket and faced Las Vegas today and Chicago.
Instead of playing a 3rd game, Chicago gets to go into the title game, even though they have 1 loss, the same as Las Vegas.
They should have played a 3rd game, maybe shorten it up or have sudden death to see who the best team really is.  That's what they do in the vast majority in double elimination tournaments.
But it is all about TV, ratings and money.
Not fairness.
And Las Vegas/Mountain Ridge got screwed.

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