Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You Can't Take Them Seriously

St. Louis County is undergoing a race riot for the past several nights.
From the New York Daily News:
The suburban St. Louis town where an unarmed black teen was shot to death by a cop was a powder keg ready to blow Wednesday as angry protesters appeared poised to defy a police chief’s curfew.
Up to 500 demonstrators packed the main street in Ferguson, Mo., holding up their hands in surrender mode and chanting “Stand Up! Don’t Shoot!”
A team of police in riot gear and toting shields stood about 100 feet from the protesters, apparently ready to break up the crowd as soon as darkness fell.
Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson had declared a curfew at sundown after looting in the wake of Saturday’s deadly shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown prompted riot cops to fire tear gas to disburse the crowd.
“The whole damn system is guilty as hell!” protesters chanted at cops in front of the QuickTrip on W. Florissant Ave., a store that was looted and set ablaze on Sunday.
Police officers stood atop two armor vehicles pointing automatic weapons mounted on tripods at the demonstrators.
The tense standoff came after recordings of police radio chatter in the moments after Brown’s death where posted on the web Wednesday by a hacker collective.
So, the way to confront supposed police violence is to be violent?  And even worse, bringing in a racist, Al Sharpton?
Based on this, I have no sympathy for the victim or for the Blacks who live in St. Louis County.
And no, the cop's name should not be released as it is clear there a bunch of thugs who will track him down and kill him and his family.

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