Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paul Ryan For President???

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Look out, Rep. Paul Ryan, the Democrats will soon indict you on a trumped up criminal charge.
From the Chicago Sun: So, there’s good news and bad news for Hillary Clinton as she eyes a presidential run.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie seemed to be emerging as the favorite Republican son. Moderate, folksy, likable.
Then he became ever more enmeshed in his Bridgegate scandal and his national star began to fall.Texas Gov. Rick Perry was just turning his image around since he last ran for president. He recently challenged President Barack Obama on border issues and catapulted onto the national scene.
Oops, but then he was indicted.
So there you have two bits of good news for Clinton. Two major Republican possibilities are marred before Clinton even had to lift a finger.
That brings us to the bad news for Hillary.
His name is Paul Ryan.
The conservative Wisconsin congressman, chairman of the House Budget Committee, respected leader and, of course, Mitt Romney’s pick as his 2012 presidential running mate, seems to be flirting with the idea of making a 2016 run, if his newly released book is any indication.
“It didn’t take long for me to realize that while we may have lost an election, the cause continues,” Ryan wrote in “The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea.”
“The prudent leader is like the captain of a ship. He doesn’t curse the wind; he uses it to reach his destination.”
Ryan could pose an even bigger threat to Clinton than Christie or Perry, and she knows it. Instant name recognition. Policy experience, yet he also has endured the rigors of a national campaign.
He has credibility with conservatives and a solid reputation on the Hill. Those who know Ryan have long said he’s just too much of a policy wonk to make the run, which isn’t the worst way for your colleagues to think of you.
Then there are plain numbers. Real Clear Politics has Christie with a slight lead among possible Republican competitors. But various surveys have shown Ryan gaining steam. A January Washington Post poll had Ryan leading fellow Republicans in popularity for the presidency, including against Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Christie, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz.
Ryan obviously would be a great candidate because he is young, somewhat conservative and he stands in stark contrast compared to Hillary as she is old, has a ton of baggage and is a liberal extremist who loves the good life by giving speeches at $250,000 a pop.
But the media will trash him and the Democrats in Wisconsin will find a way to have him indicted.
But I hope he does run, though Scott Walker would be my choice.

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