Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Stupid Editorial From The Las Vegas Sun

You got to hand it to the editorial writers at the Las Vegas Sun.  They try and try and try to make sense and the harder they try, the more they make fools of themselves.  Sunday's editorial focuses on gun violence.
From the Sun: The accidental death of a firearms instructor who was showing a 9-year-old girl how to fire an Uzi was tragic. And sadly, it unleashed many of the same old arguments over guns.
We’d like to see an open and honest discussion on firearms in the United States based in facts, versus the closed-minded shouting that dominates the debate now. Many gun control advocates seem to think that limiting all but a few guns is the solution, and on the other side, there are gun advocates who say the nation needs more guns.
We don’t believe the answer will be found when positions are so polarized. Take away all the nation’s guns? Seriously? Arm everyone? Even children?
The nation needs to find common ground, and people need to cut through the hyperbole and misrepresentations.
First, we have had discussions about guns and gun violence for years and years.  The Sun editorial writers don't like how the discussions have turned out so they want to try and have another discussion, like the results would be any different.
And this, from my comments on the editorial:
Where is most of the gun violence?In the inner cities and ghettos of America.
And when was the last time you saw Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, ministers etc go to inner cities to condemn the violence?
Ask Steven Horsford when was the last time he really spoke out about gun violence in the inner city of Las Vegas, how about Harry Reid, Dina Titus, Mark Amodei, Joe Heck and Dean Heller.  How about Carolyn Goodman, the Clark County Commissioners and the City of Las Vegas city council?
How about the ministers of Vegas?  Where are they?  The business owners? 
The Las Vegas Sun- when did they last do an editorial about Black on black crime or on gang violence?
When these people decide to actually care about gun violence, maybe I will listen, but they don't care, so they can just shut up.
I am not a gun fanatic.  I don't own guns and when I have shot a gun/shotgun/rifle I am a terrible shot, so I don't have a pony in this argument.
But I have seen, from news articles, that guns do save lives when they are used for self protection.
For the big guns, like Uzi's and other large guns, who am I to say that someone should not be able to possess guns?
But I do know that the liberals who want to restrict gun rights won't do anything about gun violence in the inner cities, and they do absolutely nothing about black on black crime. 
Why is that?

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