Monday, September 8, 2014

This Is Cool

From the San Fran Chronicle: Actor Bill Murray turned taxi driver for a night last week after he took over the wheel so his Oakland, Calif., cabbie could practice his saxophone skills.
The star made the revelation during an appearance at the Toronto Film Festival in Canada on Friday, which organizers had named Bill Murray Day, when he recalled how his cab driver on Thursday night had mentioned he was a saxophone player.
He explained, “I said, ‘When do you practice?’ He said, ‘I drive 14 hours a day.’”
The response prompted Murray to offer to swap places with the taxi driver, who agreed to perform for the movie star from the backseat of the car.
Murray continued, “Not only did he play all the way to Sausalito, which is a long way, we stopped and got barbecue. He (wound up) playing in what some would call a sketchy, weird place in Oakland at 2:15 in the morning… It was great and it made for a beautiful night!”
There are many celebrities and movie/TV stars who have an inflated ego, are prima donnas and divas.
And then you have celebrities who are down to earth and don't care who they hang out with, like Bill Murray.
And I am sure the taxi driver got a very nice tip.

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