Sunday, September 7, 2014

If You want To Make A Lot Of Money, Be A Special Master

From the Las Vegas Sun: Nevada's public hospital wants a federal judge to throw out the work of a court-appointed special master who recommends severe monetary sanctions after concluding that documents weren't produced as required in an employee wage and hours lawsuit.
Attorneys for University Medical Center claim in documents filed this week that Special Master Daniel Garrie was biased and that he reached "erroneous conclusions without any depth of legal analysis."...
Garrie defended his work.
"I believe I did my job and my duties, and the record speaks for itself," he said. "Ones and zeroes speak for themselves."...
Garrie didn't attach a dollar figure to his recommendation for monetary sanctions. An actual sanction amount would be set by a judge.
He did note that his costs "run into the hundreds of thousands," even before counting other attorney fees and costs.
First, "Ones and zeroes speak for themselves."...
What the hell does that mean?
And he has been a special master since March, 6 months ago and he already is owed "hundreds of thousands of dollars".  Seriously?  That's a lot of money for only a half years work.
When I hear the term "Special Master" in this case at least, I think Garrie is the plantation owner and the taxpayers of Clark County are the his slaves.

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