Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Umm, This Won't Work

From the Kingman Daily Miner:
Richard Russler claims a corner along a Flagstaff street, hoping the steady stream of motorists will net him $40 a day for a hotel room and maybe some food.
He turned to panhandling after his vehicle was totaled during a trip from Kansas to California, and he became stranded in Flagstaff, Russler said. He's been threatened with assault, heard stories of panhandlers raking in money for drugs and alcohol, and talked with police about his own motives.
"I've got legitimate needs, and the officers know it," he said.
Ever since a federal judge in Arizona ruled that a law criminalizing panhandling in public places is unconstitutional, Flagstaff police say the mountain city has been saturated with people turning to begging as their main source of income.
Authorities are hoping a new program announced this week will help people with genuine needs and push out panhandlers who rely on charity to pay for substance-abuse problems.
The program, known as "Better Bucks," is modeled after others across the country and encourages people to give panhandlers vouchers for local goods and services and discourages them from handing out cash, police said.
A book of five $1 vouchers, which sells for $6, isn't valid for alcohol or tobacco purchases.
"At least we know what the money is being spent on," Vicki Burton, director of the Shadows Foundation, said Tuesday. "Your hope is that it falls into the hands of somebody who needs it."
The book of vouchers also includes a list of social services and a bus pass. A handful of local businesses, including a grocery store and convenience marts, have signed on as participants so far. Only one book can be used per transaction and no change is given.
So, what would you do? 
Option 1 Give a beggar $5 (or less)?
Or Option 2
Buy a voucher for $6 that gives out $5 and you have to make an effort to actually go out and buy the voucher and then give the voucher to said beggar?
I don't give money to beggars because they usually make more money than me.
But if I did, I'm doing Option 1.
It was a liberal judge who caused the problem and liberals who came up with pathetic solution.


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