Saturday, September 20, 2014

Why ALS Ice Bucket Challenges Are Stupid

From Fox News: A central Kentucky firefighter injured in an "ice bucket challenge" has died a month after a power line shocked him and another man.
Campbellsville Fire Chief Kyle Smith says 41-year-old Tony Grider died Saturday. Grider was a captain with the department on Aug. 21. He and 22-year-old firefighter Simon Quinn were on the fire truck's ladder when it got too close to a power line after dumping water on Campbellsville University's marching band in the charity stunt to raise awareness for the disease ALS.
Two other firefighters were injured, but were released from the hospital.
I've never liked the bucket challenges- it's a fad and done by people who many have no idea what ALS is.  They see other people do it and so they have to copy them.  Some do it to get publicity and to post their videos to You Tube, Twitter and other sites to show people what a great person they are, and yet they most have no idea what ALS is.
Yes, I know what ALS is and when I was a CNA working in hospitals and nursing homes, so I know what it is and the damages that occur.  And I do hope they find a cure.
But ice water bucket challenges are stupid and dangerous.

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