Monday, September 22, 2014

Throw Him Out Of High School

From the Detroit Free Press: Jayru Campbell -- the Detroit Cass Tech star quarterback accused of assaulting his girlfriend last week and arraigned on a probation violation this morning for an earlier assault case -- now is being investigated in connection with an alleged assault in the Wayne County Jail.
According to sources familiar with the incident, Campbell and other inmates at the jail allegedly assaulted a fellow inmate.
Wayne County Sheriff's Office spokesman Dennis Niemiec said: "I can confirm that an allegation of an assault in the Wayne County Jail is being investigated."
Because he is 17, Campbell is housed in the youthful offender unit with other 17-year-old males, according to the sheriff's office.
Well, we can't have this.  This young man needs to not only be kicked off the high school football team, he needs to be kicked out of high school.
But the DA does have a sense of humor: According to the prosecutor's office, it's alleged that Campbell was at Cass Tech on Friday "when he assaulted his girlfriend in front of other students over a dispute over a phone. Campbell was intercepted and placed in custody at the scene."
But I do have a question:
How does he get his football helmet on with all that hair:

He could be the Black Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons.

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