Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cowardly Las Vegas Sun Editor At It Again

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Las Vegas Sun Coward, Brian Greenspun
Las Vegas Sun Coward, Brian Greenspun is at it again, with his cowardly editorial, praising and humping Senile/Coward/Liar, Harry Reid and Hillary "Big Bucks" Clinton.
When the editorial was posted at 2:00am, Sunday morning, the editorial accepted comments from readers and when I next looked, around Noon, the comment section was taken down.  I guess Coward Greenspun just could not handle the criticism and Greenspun's lies he was called out on.
From the Sun: The announcement last week that Tesla Motors, the electric car manufacturer from neighboring California, will build its $5 billion lithium-ion battery factory in Northern Nevada is the biggest financial news in our state since Congress passed tax-relief legislation a few years ago and saved some of Nevada’s top gaming companies from certain disaster at the outset of the Great Recession....
The editorial started off well and he gave kudos to Gov. Brian Sandoval but also found ways to criticize the deal because it benefits Northern Nevada and makes Southern Nevada pays for the tax cuts.  This maybe the only legitimate part of the editorial.
The editorial continues:  But there is someone else who hasn’t sought, nor will he, any limelight when it comes to sharing this great news. That man is Nevada’s senior U.S. senator, Harry Reid.
This is a flat out lie.
The Las Vegas Review Journal ran a huge puff piece about Harry Reid claiming credit for bringing Tesla to Nevada that I wrote about here:
So, either Greenspun is lying to the few readers he has, doesn't read his competition, mad that he scooped by the LVRJ or has poor reading comprehension.
While everyone else was appropriately basking in the glow of the good news during Thursday’s news conference in Carson City, Reid was presiding over the seventh annual Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas. His guest of honor, among many honored guests, was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who gave the keynote address. I would not be doing my job as editor if I didn’t report how “presidential” she sounded!
So, how did Hillary sound "presidential"?  If she lied, take down her enemies, attack other Americans, call people names, be a racist, sound weak, cut down America, then she sounds presidential, like President Obama.
So, when the Senate majority leader weighs in on behalf of Nevada and its jobs, it makes sense that people listen. It is obvious that Musk listened. And Nevadans will be better for it.
By the way, the fellow who saved those many thousands of Nevada’s gaming jobs by pushing through tax legislation when the recession hit? Yep, it was the majority leader. Saving thousands of Nevada jobs and helping to create many thousands more ... it is good to have the majority leader on Nevada’s team.
He is the gift to Nevada that keeps on giving.
Well, Greenspun is correct about 1 thing.  Reid gives us conservative bloggers plenty of material and with his racist quotes, his ever diminishing mental capacity and his comical quotes that he means to be serious, he keeps us busy.
But Reid does little for Nevada.  We get little federal money compared to other states, he has taken away rights and land from Nevadans, he has given us bad bills, raised the cost of living and has put 10's of thousands of Nevadans out of work because of his wishes, like Yucca Mountain and other projects.
It would nice if Greenspun would allow comments to his editorial but Greenspun is such a coward, he can't stand criticism.  Just another reason why Greenspun is a member of the Las Vegas Badger Hall of Shame.

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