Monday, September 15, 2014

So, That Is What The Bridge Is For

For those who drive on Hwy 93, between Las Vegas and Kingman/Phoenix, there is a bridge about 13 miles inside of Arizona that appears to be a bridge to nowhere.
There are no roads connecting the bridge- it's just there.
Then, when we were driving to Las Vegas this evening, we saw about 12 Big Horn Sheep run across the bridge and then run up the hill.
So, there is a multi-million dollar bridge that is used exclusively by Big Horn Sheep.
It does make you wonder how they learned about the bridge since there are no other bridges between Kingman and the Hoover Dam and why do they use as opposed to jumping over the fences and cross the highway at any point, in the mountain areas between Hoover Dam and past Willow Beach.
So, next time you see that bridge, it is for the Big Horn Sheep to cross.

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  1. If you build it, they will come. See picture on website (scroll down a bit)