Sunday, September 14, 2014

Prayers Please

Tomorrow, my wife is undergoing surgery to amputate a toe because of a bone infection on her toe, and hopefully, it will only be a toe and not the foot.
She has had previous problems with anesthesia, in fact has coded on previous surgeries, so this will not be an easy surgery.
And my wife has learned a valuable lesson- take care of your diabetes or it will catch up to you.  If you have diabetes or know someone who does,  please keep it under control.
I am going to have to travel from Kingman, AZ to Las Vegas several times this week, a 200 mile round trip, so time will be limited.
It will be a stressful week at the house, so if blogging is a little light, that will be the reason.
Update: The surgery went quite well.

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  1. Happy to hear surgery went well!

    Best wishes to her--and you!