Saturday, September 27, 2014

Drought, What Drought?

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The media hasn't mentioned yet, but Lake Mead has risen in the past few weeks and will continue to rise with all the rain Clark County in Nevada and Mohave County in Arizona has received.
When I drove by Lake Mead by Boulder City last week, some rocks that were uncovered by the drought are now covered again.
With the rain this weekend, the level of the lake will continue to rise.  Even with al the rain, there is still a water shortage, but not like it was before last Summer.
Since last summer, Vegas has gotten a lot of rain, especially in the mountains.  In Northern Arizona, people I have talked to, they say this is most rain they have ever seen.
The mountains in Vegas and Kingman are now green with green brush.
The valleys on the way from Kingman to Vegas are green and looks like Wisconsin pastures at times.
Yes, part's of the West has received a lot of rain and yes, it has elevated the water levels at Lake Mead, and no, the media is not reporting this.
It doesn't fit the media's agenda, which is, drought sells more papers.

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