Monday, September 22, 2014

Too Funny

From the NY Daily News: The PR team being brought in to teach Missouri cops how to handle the media apparently needs a little sensitivity training themselves.
Weeks of unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and the intense media scrutiny that came with it made an impact in at least one tangible way. The St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy plans to offer an October continuing education session called "Officer-involved shooting - You can win with the media."
But with bullet points such as "Meet the 900-pound Gorilla" and "Feeding the Animals," you have to wonder just how media-friendly this workshop — headed by Rick Rosenthal, President of RAR Communications, Inc. — will actually be.
Well, I do admit the titles are a little insensitive... to the 900 pound gorilla and all the other animals of the universe.
While there a few good reporters out there, those who want to write accurate news stories without bias.
But those reporters are very few.
Very few, indeed.

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