Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hypocrite LVRJ

If you are a female and you are a victim of an embarrassing crime, your name generally is not mentioned in the newspaper, especially the LVRJ.
If you have a male who is a victim of an embarrassing crime, the LVRJ apparently thinks it is proper to name the victim.
From the LVRJ:
She was done with Las Vegas, about to catch the next bus for home, when the pimp targeted her.
He was friendly and charming. She was young and impressionable, barely an adult. She decided another day in Sin City couldn’t hurt.
They were driving back to the bus station the next day when he revealed his true intentions.
The pimp promised a life of luxury — they’d “get to the top together,” he said. The woman had never worked as a prostitute. But she had almost nothing to her name.
She wanted to believe him.
On June 30, four months after being conned into a life of prostitution in Las Vegas, the woman was left for dead near University Medical Center, a pawn in the city’s sex trafficking industry who was discarded when he had no more use for her.
She wasn’t even taken to the emergency room. The pimp left her in the Wendy’s parking lot across from the hospital, tossing her away like fast-food trash.
And then there is this from the LVRJ:
A 26-year-old woman must stand trial on grand larceny charges that she stole a $35,000 Rolex Presidential watch from a man during a naked $300 massage.
After a preliminary hearing Wednesday, Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Diana Sullivan decided that prosecutors had enough evidence to take their case against Christina Lafave to a jury.
Lafave faces two felony counts, grand larceny and possession of stolen property. If convicted, Lafave faces one to 20 years in prison. She remains free on her own recognizance in the case.
The first witness called was Lafave’s accuser, 67-year-old ***********of California. He described staying at Wynn Las Vegas in January and meeting Lafave late one night at the resort’s B Bar.
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So, why was the victim named in the case involving a male victim and not when the victim was a female?
Yeah, there is no good answer, because the guy's name is not newsworthy.
They just wanted to go out and embarrass the guy.

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