Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stupid Republicans

From Newsmax: House Republicans are considering a plan on selecting future speakers in an effort to avoid the embarrassing vote surrounding John Boehner's re-election last year.
"There's a real concern that there's between 30 and 40 people that would vote against the speaker on the House floor, so they're trying to change the conference rules to make sure that doesn't happen," a GOP member familiar with the proposal told The National Journal on Friday.
Under the plan, any Republican who votes on the House floor against the nominee for House speaker that is chosen by most of the GOP members during their private leadership elections would be stripped of their committee assignments for that Congress.
The floor vote for House speaker takes place in January, the National Journal reports, and the leadership elections occur in November.
At the start of the current House session in January 2013, a dozen Republicans voted against Boehner's re-election. He wasn't ousted, but it infuriated the Ohio GOPer's allies — saying that no dissention had occurred during the conference elections.
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Why would the GOP House leadership be opposed to open elections?  We see the lack of transparency with Democrats so why would Republicans try to imitate those clowns?
Republicans should be better than that.

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