Wednesday, September 10, 2014

They Are Getting Long In The Tooth

From ESPN: With neither Tiger Woods nor Phil Mickelson qualifying for the Tour Championship for the first time in more than two decades, it might signal a changing of the guard, especially now that Rory McIlroy has emerged as a solid No. 1 in the world.
McIlroy, 25, wasn't willing to go that far Wednesday, but he did acknowledge that time and injuries are catching up to the two superstars.
"They're just getting older," McIlroy said Wednesday at East Lake Golf Club. "Phil's 43 or whatever [actually 44], and Tiger's nearly 40 [39 in December]. So they're getting into the sort of last few holes of their careers, and that's what happens.
"It obviously just gets harder as you get older. I'll be able to tell you in 20 years how it feels."
I've have said for many years that Tiger won't anymore majors and I am at the point where he may not win another tournament, unless it is a minor league event or an overseas event.
Phil may win another tournament or two but not many more.
Both are old by professional athlete standards, golfers are in better shape than in the past and both players have injuries that limit their golfing ability.
The days of golfers playing into their late 40's are pretty over, even in Phil's and Tiger's case where they had great careers.
So, to Tiger and Phil, it will be nice to see you on the senior tournament and the other tournaments, but in the winner's circle, I doubt it.

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