Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How Can You Trust Him?

I watched the Obama speech today on the terrorist group, Isil.
If Obama had creditability, the speech would be about D+.
He looked bugged eyed and instead of saying "Me" or "I", he used the word "We", but the meaning was clear- he meant "I".
He didn't put the fear of God into Isil.
His plan is not realistic.  Bombing is not a way to win wars and that has been shown throughout history.  It may cause some deaths and damage, but it won't win the war.
On the plus side, Obama did say he will go after Isil and destroy it.
But it will take time and probably will be up to the next president to finish the job.
But Obama has no creditability, therefore the speech was an F.
Obama has pretended to talk tough in the past (line in the sand) and lied.
He has no creditability with our allies.
Who are our allies?   We don't know.  What will our allies do?  If our troops are not on the ground, who will be.  What happens if a fighter jet goes down, who will be responsible for the rescue if we don't have troops on the ground. 
Our allies don't trust Obama and John Kerry.  Remember Spygate?  Will world leaders trust Obama and Kerry after they have had spied on them?
Finally, after the speech, did Obama go bowling, since it was too dark to play golf or did he throw a party?
After 6 years in office, Obama has caused the Isil mess in Syria and Iraq and his foreign policy has been a joke.
And I am afraid, he will just ignore this problem, like he has done all other major problems and he hopes the problem will go away.

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