Sunday, September 14, 2014

Easy Pickings

From the NY Daily News:  A man-eating leopard in India is targeting drunks as they stumble home in the dark.
The big cat is believed to have killed 12 people in a Himalayan village since 2012.
Its latest victim was a 44-year-old man who was attacked on Thursday.
Villagers are said to be living in a state of fear that the leopard will attack again.
Local Madan Panerua told the Telegraph, "villagers are terrorized by the wild animals and it's almost impossible to venture out after dark. Moving from one village to another or to markets through forested area becomes difficult.
"People carry sticks with them and remain alert all the time. Many in the village believe that drunk people are easy prey for the wild."
Many of those who have been attacked by the leopard were savaged after they left an outdoor toilet.
The rule of nature is that if you are being chased and you are with someone, all you have to do is outrun the slowest one and the slowest get eaten.
And if the leopard is only eating drunks, maybe the leopard has a drinking problem and has to go to AA for drunk leopards.
And luckily, a picture of the leopard was found and it is a picture of a hung over leopard:

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