Saturday, September 6, 2014

That Wonderful ObamaCare

DEAR HARRY: My employer has 55 employees. Back in January, there were only 48, which excluded us from coverage for insurance under the Affordable Care Act. In order to stay out of coverage, they have decided to cut back on our hours. Many of us now work 28 hours a week to keep us from being "full-timers." That leaves the company with fewer than 50 full-timers and no requirement that they participate. However, each of us has private coverage, some with subsidies. Is this the way it was supposed to work? Isn't it a violation of the law for our employer to do this?
WHAT HARRY SAYS: I don't know if Congress saw this loophole, but it is a game that any employer who is near the 50 full-time floor can play.
Um, Harry, it's not a game.  It is life and these employers have decided that the law is not good for them.  They may have provided insurance before, but because of the ObamaCare mandates, the cost of providing the insurance, the penalties, the fact that the IRS now runs healthcare in this country are all reasons why employers have cut hours, laid off people, closed or stopped providing health insurance for it's employees is another way of showing that ObamaCare is just another failed liberal policy.

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