Monday, September 15, 2014

Sorry For Your Loss, But...Karma, Baby

The death of an inmate who was serving a life sentence for murder at the State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls has been ruled a homicide, law enforcement officials announced Monday.
Kent Davidson, the 37-year-old inmate whose body was found in his cell last week, died from strangulation and asphyxia, according to his death certificate filed Monday. His injuries were inflicted with a bed sheet.
An investigation is ongoing into Davidson's death, the Attorney General's office said Monday, but no suspects have been publicly identified.
Davidson was injured late on Sept. 7 and died early on Sept. 8, according to his death certificate.
Davidson had a cell mate who was deemed a "low moderate" risk, according to the Department of Corrections. Davidson was assessed as a "moderate" risk.
Davidson pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in April in the death of his girlfriend, 26-year-out Crystal Schulz, who was shot in the head on March 11, 2013.
Her body was found three days later in a shed at her mother's rural Chamberlain residence, and Davidson was arrested hours later after a standoff with police.
Pamela Davidson, Kent Davidson's mother who lives in Jamestown, North Dakota, said she's now lost both of her children. Her younger son, Travis, was killed in a car crash six years ago this month.
She said she hadn't spoken to Davidson in about three years and said the hardest part is she wasn't able to say goodbye. His body was cremated in Sioux Falls before it was sent to North Dakota.
In addition to murder charges, Davidson also was serving a five-year sentence for forgery out of Tripp County and a five-year sentence for second-degree escape out of Minnehaha County.
"You know, to me, he don't deserve whatever happened," she said. "He still deserves our respect. He's still God's son."
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I love how the extremely liberal Madison Capitol Times tries to evoke sympathy for the killer instead of the victim.
And no, he doesn't deserve our respect.  Respect for what?  He is a murderer, thug and coward.  And yes, he deserves what he got.
And to this murderer's mom, she may not have been able to say good bye, but neither did the victim's friends and family members.

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