Sunday, September 14, 2014

Elections Have Consequences

President Obama has now put more Democrats Federal Court of Appeals and now there are more Democrats than Republicans on these courts.
From the NY Times: Democrats have reversed the partisan imbalance on the federal appeals courts that long favored conservatives, a little-noticed shift with far-reaching consequences for the law and President Obama’s legacy.
For the first time in more than a decade, judges appointed by Democratic presidents considerably outnumber judges appointed by Republican presidents. The Democrats’ advantage has only grown since late last year when they stripped Republicans of their ability to filibuster the president’s nominees.
There are some conservatives out there that are hand wringing about this but I'm not one of those.
Elections have consequences.  For 2 elections uin a row, we have elected Obama and that is one of the perks of the job- he earned the right to appoint judges.
And the Republicans could have knocked out more than a few bad nominees, but they didn't.
So, if there is blame for the democrats having more judges on the Appeals Court, there is only one party to blame and that is the Republicans.
And the next president probably will be able to appoint at least 2 liberal Supreme Court judges.
And if they lose in 2016, then there are going to be more Democrat judges and the GOP will be to blame.

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