Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gay Pregnant Teacher Should Have Been Fired From Catholic School

From the Detroit Free Press: The firing of a former chemistry teacher at a Catholic, all-girls school in Bloomfield Hills for what she believes was her “nontraditional” pregnancy has sparked outrage across the nation, spurring an outpouring of support and a social media and letter-writing campaign.
The teacher, 33-year-old Barbara Webb, said she’s touched by the support and is deciding her next course of action after losing her job at Marian High School.
“Some people have asked, ‘What are you going to do next?’ ” Webb said. “I have to see what’s feasible. If it means pursuing something with Marian or doing some work outside of the school dealing with that issue, I’m just looking at the options. It broke my heart. Marian was a family to me for almost a decade. That we’re on the cusp for change, that’s exactly what I was hopeful for when I told people what happened to me.”
Webb worked at Marian High for nine years, also coaching volleyball and softball and serving as student-government moderator.
Webb is gay but said she believes the public, visible nature of a pregnancy led to her firing.
Sorry, but if you are gay, unmarried and are pregnant, you should not be working at a Catholic school.
The Church is very clear on their opposition to gay marriage and getting married out of wedlock and this lady wants the Church to change so that it suits her values, and that is wrong.
If you are gay and get pregnant, work at a public school, a Lutheran school where they are more tolerant of gays and out of wedlock pregnancies or at a school that accepts your values.
The Catholic Church should not change their values just because someone disagrees with them and is more than arrogant for this former teacher to expect the Church should change their values for her.
Actually, she sounds like a spoiled rotten child who hasn't grown up.

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  1. This stuff--being 'gay' and publicly attempting marriage, or being straight, married, and then getting preggers with in-vitro (also condemned by the Church) is becoming far more frequent.

    It's part of a revitalized campaign to marginalize the Church. Not exactly new; the Emperors attempted the same thing using far nastier means, as did Hitler, Mao, and Stalin.