Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bad Things Happen 3, Including Democrats Running For President

From Howie Carr and the Boston Herald:
They say bad news comes in threes, and it surely did yesterday.
The American people were minding their own business when suddenly three of the most frightening figures in American politics, shameless hacks who couldn’t park a bicycle straight, suddenly began babbling about running for president in 2016.
And they’re all from Massachusetts. But where else would they be from? I said they were incompetent.
First it was John Kerry on Wednesday in D.C. with several other former secretaries of state, saying, in what passes for a jocular tone, “I’m sort of thinking 2016, OK?”
No, it’s not OK. Put your kiteboarding bloomers back on, ride your pink girly bike down to the beach and tell us all again how you were for bombing Assad before you were against bombing Assad.
Then came Deval Patrick, on TV with a couple of his cheerleaders from Ch. 5, saying of a presidential run, “There are a lot of people who have asked me to think about it.”
Name one, Governor. At least he didn’t say he was being “urged” to run.
Finally, the fake Indian stepped into it with Katie Couric, who was taking a day off from her strange obsession about Diane Sawyer’s sex life.
In that sing-songy, lecturing, schoolmarmish tone of hers, Talking Bull started lashing into Hillary Clinton. The more she talked, the better Hillary appeared. Or at least less bad.
All across the fruited plain, Americans must have been thinking, “How can we miss Massachusetts when it won’t go away?”
Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, Gerry Studds — how can one midsized state inflict so much damage on the body politic? From Obamacare to gay marriage to the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 — every downward spiral of the last half-century has our fingerprints all over it. Sodom and Begorrah, as William F. Buckley used to call the commonwealth.
Deval floated his trial balloon on the same day that one of the honchos of the New England Compounding Center was allegedly leaving the jurisdiction for Hong Kong, and had to be dragged off a jetliner at Logan by the G-men.
But what does Deval care? “Only” 60 or so people died because of the staggeringly lax state oversight of the pharmacy on his watch. And he has so much else to be proud of — Annie Dookhan, the DCF, Carl Stewart McGee, Evergreen Solar, Ron Bell, the broken promise of property tax reduction, the 25 percent hike in the sales tax, $1.8 billion in welfare for illegal aliens …
Deval, Kerry and Granny. Think of them as the modern Three Stooges — Larry, Curley and Geronimoe.
The only thing that surprises me about yesterday is that Mike Dukakis didn’t announce he’s running for president too. But he was too busy looking for a space to park his tank at the next Mike Lake rally. 
I do hope Kerry does run for president along with Joe Biden.  That will make things interesting, at least as comedy in the presidential race goes.

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