Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ugliest Couple Of The Year?

Spokane County Deputy Prosecutor Marriya Wright has resigned after sending Matthew Baumrucker, above, a convicted felon, text messages and a bikini photo.

It's not known which bikini photo Marriya Wright (pictured) sent a felon, but here she is at a body building competition in 2010.
From he NY Daily News: The bikini-clad Washington state prosecutor that sent a felon thousands of text messages has resigned following allegations she helped him hide from police.
Marriya Wright’s attorney turned in a letter of resignation to her Spokane County bosses Wednesday after spending nearly five months on administrative leave for having an inappropriate relationship with a self-described criminal, according to a Spokesman-Review report.
The investigation was sparked by a bikini photo of Wright discovered in a jail cell belonging to Michael Baumrucker, 31, a convicted felon with the word “criminal” tattooed on his shaved forehead, a booking photos shows.
Court documents unsealed last week show Baumrucker called Wright and sought help while evading Spokane Police officers hunting him down on drug and assault charges.
So, for the female, you are going to lose your job over this POS?  Your job and career is worth less than this tattooed POS?
Maybe those steroids are affecting your brain?

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