Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Thought ObamaCare Was Supposed To Take Care Of This?

For a third time since ObamaCare went into effect, a member of the family had to go to the emergency room for emergency care (asthma, juvenile kidney stone pain etc.)
Each time we went, the emergency rooms were packed, especially today, at noon and on a Sunday.
I have also talked to emergency room workers in different cities and different hospitals and they all say they have not noticed a decrease in emergency room traffic, in fact, in some cases, the ER is seeing more patients.
Now, this is anecdotal evidence, but I have not seen any data saying emergency room traffic is down.
And looking at fire department statistics from fire department web sites I have visited, probably about 200 in the past 3 months, from the data that is relevant, ambulance runs are up, sometimes significantly.
We were told that ObamaCare would reduce the number of emergency room visits because more people would have insurance and they would visit urgent care or their own doctor.
I guess not.
Another failure, from my eyes, of ObamaCare.

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