Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Reason Why I Don't Allow Advertising

As many of you notice, I don't take advertising.  There are many reasons for this.  First, I don't want to beholden to advertisers.  I don't want to hold my tongue if an advertiser does something I disagree with want to write a blog post on it.
I also think the advertising slows up the loading of the web page and with my 150 year old computer, I need all the speed I can get.  Kind of like my 150 year old body.
Finally, I don't want commercials that Google puts on my web page.  For instance, I found this advertisement on my friend, Jamie Greenlee's liberal blog, the Greenlee Gazette:
Mitt Romney For President
It's Time To Replace Rhetoric With Recovery. Find Polling Places Here.

Jamie is a kind hearted liberal who just has another point of view, a view I disagree with.  You can find Romney ads on many liberal blog sites just as Obama advertises on several conservative web sites.  Most of these web sites don't have a choice of what commercials that end up on their blogs- Google- if a blogger uses Blogspot- makes that decision.   
So, I can do what capper does on his web site and beg for donations via Pay Pal or just remain commercial free and since I have no idea what a Pay Pal is, I'll go with being commercial free.

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  1. Haha! Thanks, Dan, for the "kind hearted" comment. I added the Google ads because it promised funds. . .I'm sure you, like me, do this for free. I thought maybe I'd make a buck or two. Nope, not really.

    But the ad placement can be funny. I did a litte research today, searching several prominant newspapers around the country. It was interesting that every one I visited (in Ohio, here in Nevada, Chicago) had prominant, multiple Obama ads. The Columbus Dispatch (my first job, as a paperboy) had FIVE huge Obama ads, all around the page. And they endorsed Romney! So there you go.