Friday, July 11, 2014

Some "People" Are Animals Or Worse

Sad case in Michigan.
From the Detroit Free Press:
The man accused of gunning down 2-year-old Kamiya French wanted her killing to be the last thing her father ever saw, a Michigan State Police spokesman said today.
The allegation from Lt. Michael Shaw followed the arraignment today of 24-year-old Raymone Bernard Jackson of Inkster on first-degree murder, torture and other charges.
Authorities said Jackson, who is known as Money, shot Kamiya in the head before opening fire Tuesday at an Inkster housing complex, wounding her father, 34-year-old Kenneth French, and family friend, Chelsea Lancaster, 12, both of whom remain hospitalized....
During a news conference following the arraignment, Shaw said Jackson invoked his right not to talk with investigators. Shaw also made clear how State Police intend to treat alleged child killers.
“The first coward’s in custody. Anybody that feels that they can execute a child in the state of Michigan, we’re going to go after them with everything that we can,” he said.
Inkster’s police chief, Hilton Napoleon, said earlier that the attack was retaliation for a shooting in April at an after-hours club in Inkster.
Shaw, however, offered his own take.
“I wouldn’t call it retaliation. Retaliation for what? Take somebody’s life away for retaliation? I mean, just to mention that as part of a motive is silliness to me,” he said. “I can’t wrap my head around anything that would make me want to walk up to a small child sitting next to a porch, point a pistol at their head, and shoot them dead. I can’t give you a motive. I can’t wrap my head around that.”
And yet there are some people who think that this thug animal should be put down, just like putting down a rapid dog that has killed a person.
At least, an animal that is put down, it is not the animal's fault.  This thug creature is worse than an animal.
Good luck in hell, dude.

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