Friday, July 11, 2014

The Secret About The Illegals No One Is Talking About

From National Review Online:
One of the sleeper issues surrounding the debate on amnesty for illegal immigrants – an inconvenient one that no proponent of a widespread amnesty wishes to acknowledge – is the devastating effect so-called immigration reform will have on African Americans.
The black unemployment rate is almost 11 percent, far higher than that of any other group profiled by labor statistics. African Americans are disproportionately employed in lower-skilled jobs – the very same jobs immigrants take. As Steven Camarota asked in a recent column, why double immigration when so many people already aren’t working?
Who will be harmed most by amnesty? African-Americans.
The issue resurfaced this week when a YouTube video emerged of two young African-Americans confronting pro-illegal-immigration demonstrators in Murrieta, California. Murrieta is one of the towns in which undocumented minors are being relocated — and supporters are squaring off with protestors.
The young man argues:
If somebody brought six children to your house and you ain’t got no job, are you gonna take them in?… What are you gonna do? Are you gonna try to go out there and take care of these children AND the children you got already that you can’t take care of?… What are we going to do for the people who are here who are starving already?… We got our OWN people that are starving and hungry…. Why would we add to the problem?!
 The big gorilla in the tiny bedroom in the recent illegal immigrant fiasco is the battle between Blacks and Hispanics.
There isn't much press about the conflict between Blacks and Hispanics but there is a huge conflict between the two groups.
I have witnessed here in Las Vegas and in Milwaukee.
From my observations, talking with others and reading, right now, there is a lot of resentment between the two groups.
The two groups are completely different:
Different religions.
Different places to live.
Different styles of family.
Different perceptions of each other.
Different types of jobs.
Competing gangs.
When the illegals starting really coming over from Mexico, from Mexico or other Latin American countries, the Blacks resented them.  The reason being, is that the Hispanics took away many jobs the Blacks had.  They also thought they were a threat to government welfare that the Blacks were receiving.
That's not to say Whites were not pissed- they were.
This jealousy between the two groups. 
At the schools I taught at, where there Hispanics and Blacks, for the most part, there was no socialization between them.  Blacks hung out with /blacks, Hispanics with Hispanics and the White kids, since there only 5% of the school population, well, they hung out with both sides.
Then you have the crime. 
In the neighborhood where I taught, it was a mixed neighborhood, so to speak.  Blacks lived on the north side of the school, Hispanics on the South.
But there are race crimes, where a Black would kill a Hispanic and in return, the Hispanics killed a Black person.
In the educational setting, where you had parents that cared, the Blacks complained about all the extra services Hispanic kids got,  especially who didn't speak English.
When it comes to jobs, Hispanics seem to take the lower paying jobs and taking jobs that are off the radar.  They have helped lower wages, took away a lot of construction and landscaping jobs and put a lot of people out of work or at least, lowered the quality of life for many people.
So, the media won't report it, but this whole illegal mess is mostly about racism, racism on all sides.  Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Asians. Martians etc. 
To say otherwise, would be putting you head in the stand.
And President Obama, Democrats and some Republicans are eager participants in the new race war.

Yes, I am racist.

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