Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Us Republicans Already Knew This

From The Washington Examiner:
Patrick J. Buchanan, setting out to correct the “myths” of his former presidential boss, this week is unleashing a memo-filled memoir that debunks several charges against Richard Nixon, including the most scurrilous: the so-called GOP White House “southern strategy” was racist.
In The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority, Buchanan provides multiple examples of the former president's “emotional empathy” with African-Americans and reminds readers that Democrats had a strong racist strain 50 years ago, as evidenced by the 1968 and 1972 presidential campaigns of segregationist Alabama Gov. George Wallace.
“Just about every Klan member between 1865 and 1965 is a Democrat, and we’re charged with all this stuff?” he said mockingly in an interview.
Hired in 1966 as one Nixon’s original and closest aides, Buchanan said, “I know exactly what was done, what happened, where we were, what we said.”
The southern strategy started when the he and Nixon wrote a column for the Washington Post on May 8, 1966, that criticized a century of Democratic “racist oratory” in the South and recommended that the GOP “adhere to the principles” of Abraham Lincoln.
They wrote: “The Democratic Party in the South has ridden to power for a century on an annual tide of racist oratory. The Democratic Party is the party that rides with the hounds in the North and hares in the South. The Republicans, as the South’s party of the future, should reject this hypocritical policy of the past.”
The goal: Draw attention to the hypocrisy of the Democrats and show respect for blacks. According to Buchanan, Nixon opposed Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society programs not because of any animus toward blacks but because he felt it would lead to a dependent welfare society.
“What the Left never understood, or would never accept, is that Nixon brought the South into the Republican column not because he shared their views on segregation or civil rights. He did not. What we shared was the South’s contempt for a liberal press and hypocritical Democratic Party that had coexisted happily with [pro-segregation] Dixiecrats for a century but got religion when conservative Republicans began to steal the South away from them,” he wrote.
For those of you who have read this blog over the years know that I believe that the Democratic Party of the today is just as bad as the KKK and plantation owners pre-slavery and in the early to mid 1900's.
The plantation owners gave the slaves minimal education.
The Democrats give us government schools.
The plantation owners and KKK would have lynching's and commit murders.  The democrats in the large cities and in the Federal government give us inner city violence.  Just look at
Chicago, especially this past weekend where 14 were killed and 84 shot.
The KKK would hold cross burnings, the Democrats give us inner city violence, especially black on black crime.
The slave owners gave slaves minimal health care, the Democrats give us ObamaCare in which very few people enrolled.
The slave owners gave the slaves minimal amount of food.  The Democrats give us food stamps and kids nutritious lunches at schools in which hardly anybody eats.
The slave owners allowed the slaves to have religion and the Democrats want to take it away.
At the end of slavery the slaves had hope that they would be free or that they could escape.  The Democrats want to keep as many Blacks, minorities and women on the Democrat plantation for as long as possible and I a Black, woman or other minority comes off the Democrat plantation of liberalism, they are called Uncle Toms or worse, shunned, black listed etc.
The KKK were a bunch of poor to middle class white rednecks.  The Democrats, especially the politicians and their supporters are rich and white.
The KKK was lawless.  The Democrats, especially President Obama, are lawless.
The KKK pretty much operated in the South.  The Democrats operate nationwide.
The slaves supported their masters through intimidation.  The Blacks and minorities support the Democrats because they are intimidated by the Democrats.
The slaves were not better off under the plantation owners.  The Blacks are not better off under Democrats...How long has the war on poverty lasted?
The plantation owners took away the rights of Blacks.  How many Blacks are in prison and on paper?  Since slavery ended, my educated guess is that there have been more Black men and women arrested than the total number of slaves in the U.S. (about 4,000,000)
So, I believe Buchanan when he says the Democrats were and still are racists.

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