Monday, September 1, 2014

Oh Boy, Here Comes Another Black Shooting By Cops

Here comes another case of cops shooting a totally innocent black man, this time in Ohio, by Cincinnati.  And a bunch of black people of course are crying racism.
From the The head of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus is pressing Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to release a surveillance video that shows the shooting by police of a Fairfield man at a Walmart.
State Rep. Alecia Reece, Reece, a Bond Hill Democrat and president of the caucus, said the tape would provide answers in the controversial shooting of John Crawford III, 21.
Crawford, who was black, was fatally shot on Aug. 5 at a Wal-Mart in the Dayton suburb of Beavercreek. The two officers involved are white.
 Officers said they shot Crawford because he didn’t respond to orders to drop an air rifle. His family says the shooting wasn’t justified.
So, a guy is holding a gun, refuses to put it down when told to do so, the thug is a threat to the cops and he gets shot because the cops want to go home to their families after their shift instead of being shot and killed by the thug.
The cops probably didn't know if the air gun was a real gun or not and the cops were probably lazy when they didn't go up and ask him if the gun was real or a fake.
And of course, the most incompetent and racist, Eric Holder and the DOJ are going to be investigating the case.
Here is a very simple way for cops to stop shooting black people....
Don't break the fricking law and chances are you are not going to be shot.

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