Monday, September 1, 2014

Police Shoot Another Unarmed Man

So, when will the racist brothers, Barack, Eric, Jesse and Al demand justice for the unarmed man who was shot by cops today in Oklahoma?
From the Tulsa World: A man is dead after being shot by a Creek Nation Lighthorse police officer on Interstate 40 Monday morning, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation confirmed.
Creek Nation Lighthorse and Henryetta police officers received several calls around 7 a.m. Monday about a red Dodge pickup that was going west in I-40’s eastbound lanes, OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown said.
“The Lighthorse officer spotted it first and began a pursuit, and the Henryetta officers joined in,” she said. “The officers numerous times tried to stop the vehicle, and the driver would not stop or pull over.”
Brown said that after pursuing the truck for several miles, a Lighthorse officer fired at the pickup, causing it to eventually crash “at a low speed” at I-40 mile marker 237, which is at the west edge of Henryetta.
“The male driver was hit with a round from the Lighthorse officer’s gun,” she said. “The driver and a female passenger were taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.”
The woman was released from the Henryetta hospital later Monday, Brown said.
The identity of the man, who officials said is from Texas, won’t be released until authorities notify his next of kin, she said.
The cops did a good job by shooting this thug.  He was driving a big truck that if they crashed head on with another car, it would leave to a horrible and possibly deadly outcome.
But the racist brothers don't care these little facts.  They are just anti-cop.

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