Wednesday, September 3, 2014


From the LVRJ: Bullhead City police on Wednesday announced that a body had been found near the residence where 8-year-old Isabella Grogan-Cannella went missing early Tuesday morning.
A tracking unit discovered the body about noon in the area of Chaparral and Newberry drives. The location is about a mile from the residence in the 24oo block of Lakeside Drive where the girl was discovered missing, Bullhead City Police Chief Brian Williamson said.
The body has not yet been identified, Williamson said.
Bullhead City spokeswoman Emily Fromelt said that law enforcement agencies are working on multiple leads and are seeking persons of interest.
Isabella was put to bed late Monday night and was discovered to be missing about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.
Ethan Lyon, who is close the family, sat on a curb near the area where the body was found on Wednesday. He smoked a cigarette and drank from a plastic cup, his hands shaking so badly that water sloshed onto his turquoise Vans shoes.
“It’s Isabella. It has to be,” he said of the body that was found.
The distraught man had been questioned by police, along with Isabella’s family. The mother’s boyfriend had apparently gone to the store the night she disappeared, according to sources. That left the girl with a grandmother and a family friend, said Lyon.
“I don’t see how you could look into her eyes, look at her smile and hurt her,” Lyon said.
The residents of the home include Isabella’s mother and other children who are not Isabella’s siblings, said police Lt. Jerry Duke. He added that Isabella’s biological father is not in the area.
“She doesn’t deserve that,” Lyon said of the missing girl. “She could’ve changed the world. Now she won’t get the chance.”
This is very sad, but there are questions that need to be answered.
1.  How come the cops didn't find the girl yesterday, since the body was found only a mile away?
2.  How come the dogs didn't pick up the scent yesterday?
3.  How come no one at the house heard anything when the girl disappeared?
I'm thinking that if this was a murder, it was done by a family member or someone familiar with the family.

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