Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another Reason Why Hillary Is Unqualifed To Be President

Seems like Hillary Clinton and Al Gore have at least couple of things in common.
They both fanatically believe in global warming and both do their very best to create more global warming.
From the LVRJ:
Her 22-minute speech at the summit was delivered free of charge, however. In her talk, Clinton said clean energy also will help save the environment and provide healthier alternatives to dirtier fossil fuels such as oil and coal, which release carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.
Clinton dismissed people who don’t believe in climate change as “deniers,” saying there’s plenty of evidence that icecaps are melting, sea levels are rising and temperatures are increasing with 13 of the world’s hottest years coming since 2000.
Ok, so the last 13 years have been the hottest on record.
OK, if you believe a lot of the fraud that has been spewed by the fraudsters of global warming, yeah, maybe you are gullible enough to believe this crap.
Of course, the ice caps are not melting, Greenland is still full of ice, ocean levels have not risen, the polar bears are not dead and most of these so-called scientists have a financial stake in saying there is global warming.
If Hillary truly believed in global warming, why does she insist on flying on private jets instead of flying regularly scheduled airlines, with passengers?  Why isn't she flying Southwest, where they have flights into Las Vegas every half hour or so, during the day.
But hey, if you love Obama and his radical environmental views, you really will love Hillary.

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