Thursday, September 4, 2014

Will Obama Send People To Slain White Cop's Funeral?

Police Officer Daryl Pierson

In Rochester, New York, a white police officer was killed by a black thug on September 3, 2014.  The police officer left behind a wife, infant and 4 year old.
Since Obama sent 3 White House aides to Ferguson, MO, for the funeral of black thug Michael Brown, who charged and beat the crap out of a white police officer, will Obama send anybody to the Rochester cop's funeral? 
Ok, stop laughing.
From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:
How Johnson's suspected parole violation morphed into a Wednesday niTght shooting, a slain police officer, a wounded bystander and wounded suspect is still partly unclear. But Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli said at a news conference late Thursday afternoon that the tragic incident began Wednesday close to 9:20 p.m. when two officers stopped a vehicle.
Initially, there were two people in the car, but police found only one when they stopped the vehicle. Pierson and his partner, Officer Michael DiPaola, 41, came as back-up and searched for the second man.
Ciminelli did not release the cause of the stop.
Around 9:25 p.m. the two officers spotted a man matching the description of the individual they were looking for. Pierson chased him on foot; DiPaola in the police car.
 At Hudson Avenue and Agnes Street, Pierson caught Johnson, who allegedly shot the officer with a .25-caliber handgun.The serial number on the handgun, which has been recovered, was defaced., we know Obama won't send anybody to the cop's funeral.
Will Eric Holder show up?  Any high ranking DOJ employees show up?  Will the FBI send 40 agents to question people in the neighborhood?
Will any of the Racist Brothers- Al and Jesse show up and condemn this killing?
Will the national media show up?  Hell, it never got a mention by CNN or Fox.
Will the white people riot in Rochester to support the cop?
This black thug is an animal, as he is a career criminal/thug who couldn't care about other human beings.  Too bad this black thug didn't die wen he was shot, but apparently the paramedics, doctors and nurses who treated his injuries are pretty good and they didn't let him die.  Unfortunately for the taxpayers of New York, you will have to house and feed this black thug until the day he dies.
When a white cop is killed by a black thug, barely a peep is mentioned, but when a white cop kills a black thug, all the black racists come out like cockroaches to protest the killing, even if it is a legitimate shooting, like in Ferguson, MO.
RIP, Officer Pierson, prayers to the family, friends and members of the Rochester PD.
And prayers that the black thug goes to hell, the sooner the better.

(and the reason why I mention the thug is black so many times is that when a white cop kills a black thug, the cop's race is always mentioned)

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