Friday, September 5, 2014


From the Chicago Tribune: The day after a Chicago woman was struck on the head and killed almost instantly by a piece of falling stone, contractors began working Friday to make repairs to the historic South Loop church where the incident occurred.
Dark metal scaffolding was placed around Second Presbyterian Church on Friday morning, and construction workers appeared to be carefully inspecting the exterior of the building to make sure the brick wall and stone decorations were secure.
The scaffolding and wooden cover provided a protective walkway around the Gothic revival structure at 1936 S. Michigan Ave. Sarah Bean, 34, was walking to lunch with her fiance Thursday afternoon when a piece of decorative metal came loose. The metal piece fell and knocked off a chunk of stone from a gargoyle that juts from a corner of the church's southeast tower, city officials said.
The stone hit Bean on the head and killed her almost instantly. Her fiance, Lance Johnson, fell by her side, screaming and holding his hands to his head, said a man who lives across the street and witnessed the incident.
Sad.  You are just walking down the street and completely out the blue, you are hit in the head by a chunk of metal from a church, killing you almost instantly.  You didn't even knew what happened.

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